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YOURLITE pioneers the LED market with its innovation and creation.
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    The total area of workshop is 78,000 square meters, with 21 production lines
  • R&D

    We value investment in R&D and focus on technological innovation and upgrading
  • Experience

    25 years of unremitting effort in providing customized lighting products
  • Worry-Free

    Our highly experienced teams will resolve all your doubts
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    Always focus on the requirements of customers and keep improving customer experience
  • Customer-oriented

    Advanced machinery and equipment to produce high quality products.

Ningbo Yourlite Imp & Exp Co., Ltd was established in 1996, located in Ningbo, China. After the growth of more than 25 years, the company has become an expert in lighting manufacturing industry in China.

The exciting world of LED lighting

Let yourself be inspired by the very different LED stories
  • LED Story

    YOURLITE Contributes to Creating a Green World

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    Environmental protection refers to various actions taken by human beings to solve actual or potential environmental problems, coordinate the relationship between human beings and the environment, and ensure the sustainable development of economy and society. Under the ba...

  • LED Story

    Educational lighting becomes a new trend

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    According to the World Report on Vision (the World Health Organization's first report on vision), at least 2.2 billion people around the world have a vision impairment, of whom at least 1 billion have a vision impairment that could have been prevented or is yet ...

  • LED Story

    Why are products in supermarkets more attractive?

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    Why are supermarket items more attractive? Why is food in a restaurant more tempting than at home? Do you want to know the answer? The secret is the light. Lights have two parameters: color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). These two properties have a si...

  • LED Story

    The Secret of Commercial Lights

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    Modern shopping malls emerge one after another. Different sizes and types of shopping malls require different lighting environments, each part of the light has its value, its functions include: attracting shoppers' attention; create a suitable environmental atmosphere, i...

  • LED Story

    The Main Light of the Living Room

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    The living room is one of the places where your family spends the most time. It is not only the center of activity and communication for the whole family, but also the place to host relatives and friends. Therefore, the main light of the living room is the key to househo...

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