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About us

YOURLITE pioneers the LED market with its innovation and creation.

  • About us
  • Factory

    The total area of workshop is 78,000 square meters, with 21 production lines
  • R&D

    We value investment in R&D and focus on technological innovation and upgrading
  • Experience

    25 years of unremitting effort in providing customized lighting products
  • Worry-Free

    Our highly experienced teams will resolve all your doubts
  • Efficiency

    Always focus on the requirements of customers and keep improving customer experience
  • Customer-oriented

    Advanced machinery and equipment to produce high quality products.

Ningbo Yourlite Imp & Exp Co., Ltd was established in 1996, located in Ningbo, China. After the growth of more than 25 years, the company has become an expert in lighting manufacturing industry in China.

The exciting world of LED lighting

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    LED Lights in Camping Scene Solution

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

      The epidemic has had a major impact on the traditional tourism industry. Exquisite camping and stylish camping activities have replaced the beautiful photos of past trips abr...

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    How to Choose the Appropriate LED Strip Light for Home Decoration

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    When a new home is furnished, the ceiling is usually hung. First, it looks three-dimensional, and second, it can cover some beams. In order to highlight the level of the ceiling and create a warm living environment, it is nec...

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    Solar Lights Go Deep into the Construction of Lighting Projects

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

    With the market penetration rate of LED lighting products increasing year by year, various lighting source manufacturers have also focused on the research and development of new products in the solar lighti...

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    Cross-border Innovation in Healthy Lighting

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

      Lighting technology has always been closely related to the quality of human life. Since Edison invented the light bulb in 1979, lighting technology has made a qualitative leap. Nowadays, what we pursue is no longer simple lighting. On the basis of simple lighting,...

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    LED Technology Lights up the Road to Carbon Reduction

    Innovative and inexpensive lighting with LED

      With its main features of energy saving and environmental protection, LED has become one of the protagonists of "energy saving, carbon reduction and green development". Semiconductor LED technology has a wide range of application...

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